Grant Cardone Says The ‘Dumbest, Most Selfish Thing A Person Could Do’ Is Start A New Business — You’re Going To Be The Slave And The Master — For Nothing’ — Here’s What He Says To Do Instead

Real estate mogul Grant Cardone sparks controversy with his unconventional take on entrepreneurship and business investments.

Renowned real estate mogul Grant Cardone has recently stirred up a heated debate with his comments on entrepreneurship and business investments. In a video posted on Instagram, Cardone expressed strong opinions about the challenges and unrealistic expectations faced by new entrepreneurs. He argued that starting a new business is the “dumbest, most selfish thing a person could do,” emphasizing the difficulties of working for oneself without the necessary knowledge and resources.

Cardone’s provocative remarks have sparked controversy, with critics challenging his perspective on entrepreneurship. However, his advice has resonated with some investors and entrepreneurs who are seeking sustainable business models in a competitive and unpredictable market.

The Pitfalls of Starting a New Business

Cardone’s video on Instagram captured attention with his candid remarks about the pitfalls of starting a new business. He argued that many new entrepreneurs lack the necessary skills and resources to succeed, making it a risky endeavor. He emphasized the challenges of working for oneself without a solid foundation and financial stability.

“You can’t work for somebody else. How are you going to work for yourself? You don’t even know what you’re doing. You can’t even pay rent,” Cardone said, highlighting the financial struggles faced by aspiring entrepreneurs.

Cardone also mocked the idea of being one’s own boss, suggesting that it often leads to being both the slave and the master, with little to show for it.

The Characteristics of a Successful Business

While Cardone discouraged starting a new business, he did outline the characteristics of a successful business. He emphasized the importance of cash flow and scalability, highlighting real estate and banking as sectors where such business models thrive.

“A good business is a business that cash flows. A good business is a business that scales. … A good business is a business I could walk away from, it’s not dependent upon my ability, my talent, my skill or my body or my time,” Cardone explained.

He pointed to real estate as a particularly lucrative industry, highlighting its potential for generating passive income and the ability to own physical properties without the complexities of direct ownership.

Alternatives to Starting a New Business

Cardone offered an alternative perspective on business ownership, suggesting that aspiring entrepreneurs consider buying an existing business instead of starting from scratch. He argued that the U.S. market is saturated with struggling small businesses that could benefit from new ownership.

“There are 32 million [small businesses]. … And these small businesses in America, with 64% of them breaking even or losing money because it’s being incorrectly run,” Cardone said.

By acquiring an existing business, entrepreneurs can tap into established customer bases, cash flow, and operational systems, reducing the risks associated with starting a new venture.

Grant Cardone’s Journey to Success

Regardless of people’s opinions about Cardone’s controversial statements, he has demonstrated an ability to generate wealth through his real estate investments. Starting as a car salesman, Cardone ventured into property investment with a single-family home in Houston. However, he learned the risks of relying on a single tenant for income when his tenant abruptly left after seven months.

Cardone then shifted his strategy and invested in a multifamily complex in San Diego, using the income from his first two properties to finance further purchases. Gradually expanding his real estate portfolio, Cardone achieved significant success and became recognized for conducting some of the largest private-party real estate transactions in Florida.

Grant Cardone’s recent comments on entrepreneurship and business investments have sparked controversy and debate. While some criticize his unconventional perspective on starting a new business, others find his advice about buying existing businesses and focusing on scalable models resonating.

Regardless of one’s opinion, Cardone’s journey to success in the real estate industry serves as a testament to his expertise and ability to generate wealth. Whether aspiring entrepreneurs choose to start from scratch or explore alternative routes to business ownership, the key lies in understanding the challenges, opportunities, and risks associated with each path.

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